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Teaching the viola and coaching chamber music are two of the most rewarding aspects of my career.  

At my first interview for a teaching position at the All Newton Music School in West Newton, Massachusetts, I was informed that the School was looking for a string teacher who would not only be an excellent teacher, but would also be a role model for the students, especially teenagers, who would make up the majority of the class. 

It is a mantle I have embraced ever since that first interview: to be a role model to my students, no matter their age.  My Studios have, and will always be, safe, respectful places where students of any age and any technical and musical ability can learn and grow. 

The course of study for each student is discussed, laid out and mutually agreed upon, based on how music figures in the student’s career plan and life.    A balance of foundation work (scales and arpeggios), technical studies (études, caprices, etc…) and repertoire is always achieved.  Technical mastery allows freedom to play in any chosen style!  Through careful listening, examination, discussion and thought, students are encouraged in a way to teach themselves. 

I often answer a question with a question, inspiring a student to find answers on his/her own.  The ultimate goal is to develop and refine the skills needed for a lifetime of passion and joy in making music.

With Chamber Music students at California Summer Music.  Sonoma, CA, July, 2012

With Chamber Music students at the Maine Young Artists Program, Kneisel Hall, Blue Hill, Maine.  August, 2008.

With Chamber Music students at the Adult Chamber Music Institute, Kneisel Hall, Blue Hill, Maine.  August, 2012.


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